soda bottle pendant light

this is an easy to built pendant light using eight (8) glass or plastic 330ml soda-bottles and a couple of Ikea accessories.

my soda bottle light top view
my soda bottle light bottom view
my soda bottle light side view

The soda-bottles are individually detachable through the use of Curtain hooks with clips.
apart from assembling the parts, all is needed is four (4) extra drills to the E27 Cover cup.
no big deal, since it’s made from PET plastic.
the idea is taken from Ingo’s Mauer Campari Hanging Light

hint: you will built it sooner if you enjoy the soda’s with friends or neighbours.
this is the big difference comparing to Ingo’s Mauer proposal.
a chance to socialize upon it’s realization.

this is my prototype in action;

testing prototype, night photo shoot, top view.testing prototype, night photo shoot, side view.testing prototype, night photo shoot, close-up view.installation example, lights off.installation example, lights on.

lighting without the bubbles hassle.
oh yeah.

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