celestial elephant

celestial elephant

This project was inspired during a visit to Barcelona in 2002. My wife and I planned a small trip to Tosa del Mar and visited an exhibition of Salvador’s Dali artwork. It was the first time that I saw the bronze sculptures of Dali and particularly the one called “celestial elephant”. From that moment I […]

soda light pendant light by iconpoetry.com

soda bottle pendant light

this is an easy to built pendant light using eight (8) glass or plastic 330ml soda-bottles and a couple of Ikea accessories.

my drawer by iconpoetry.com

my OLED drawer

my drawer was a project i did back in 2004. in 2003 Marbung, released ARTTEC a world first – wall covering with lighting elements. this was the first time that i read about Oleds, that is Organic Leds.

iconpoetry flower-power urban lighting and bench


Flower*Power is a multifunction urban element, acting as a lighting fixture and a bench as well. it also takes care of fast and convenient on-site installation. just drop & forget.