my self
and i.

i am anartist.
short-speaking, that’s just about it. however,

george drakakis is the founder of iconpoerty.
he is an architect with a passion for design(*),

he studied architecture at the Engineering Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and graduated with a Master Degree of Architecture (M.Arch) in 1996.
since then he worked in the interior design field in collaboration with other architectural firms.
at the same time he begun to explore the fields of architectural visualization, along with the development of creative projects, basically as a self-taught experience.

most of my projects are modelled with Cinema4d and rendered with TheaRender (i am currently beta-testing this wonderful render engine).

(*):design is a term that can be easily misunderstood, our approach is what we call exploration of forms, filtered through and also driven at the same time by a basic idea, a concept.




sincerely yours,
george drakakis,
an iconpoet