celestial elephant

This project was inspired during a visit to Barcelona in 2002.
My wife and I planned a small trip to Tosa del Mar and visited an exhibition of Salvador’s Dali artwork.
It was the first time that I saw the bronze sculptures of Dali and particularly the one called “celestial elephant”.
From that moment I knew that I had to do something about this.
So I came up with these prototype lamps, with delicate -kinda melted- aluminum legs supporting a woolen ball.

celestial elephant top
celestial elephant, black, top view
celestial elephant
white version, stained glass lamp, short-legged
close-up view of the "D" type wiring
celestial elephant
black version, clear & stained glass lamp

There is a variant with one short leg. It is supported with the rest of the leg, which is located in a small aluminum flower-pot.
Inside the ball rests an incandescence lamp that can be translucent or stained.
The woolen ball filters the light providing a rather dramatic effect, especially when every other light source is off.
Electric power flows into a cable that is especially formed (with the help of two knots) into Dali’s Archigram  “D”
This solution deals the problem of embarrassment (that usually follow up the floor lamp’s cables), successfully and incorporates the cable into the whole project.

this is the project revisited.
Modeled with Cinema4d and rendered using TheaRender plugin.

celestial elephant
celestial elephant
celestial elephant
celestial elephant
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