my little table

this is another old project (back from 2003).
short-speaking it’s an all-in-one coffee and a dining table.

the double-height table-top can expand through a rotated-pivoting process, just watch the animation below and you’ll see what i mean.
the interesting part is that no hinges were used for the table-top expansion.
the (sophisticated, yet simple) sewing between the four (4) top covering elements and the base underneath acts like an linear hinge.
furthermore, the covering of the dining table is attached to the table-top with Velcro stripes, making possible variations in colours or texture, for the dining table top.

if time permits, i will update the short-animation video to demonstrate this feature.
another thing that it’s missing is photos and videos of the prototype model, they will be uploaded soon.
be it a coffee break, be it a lunch break. who cares any more?
oh yeah.

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