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Nature on top of technology project submitted to the Green Furniture Competition 2014.

nature on top of technology-1
nature on top of technology
nature on top of technology-2
first we take coffee
nature on top of technology-3
nature on top of technology-4
we enjoy a nice dinner.
nature on top of technology-5
nature on top of technology-6
enough, show me some prototype pictures
nature on top of technology-7
nature on top of technology-8
nature on top of technology-9
nature on top of technology-10
nature on top of technology-11
prototype in action.
nature on top of technology-12
oh yeah.

The project is a fresh approach of a coffee / breakfast table that can easily be transformed into a dining table, based on the philosophy of an earlier project called “Cuckoo’s Nest”, it’s more like a statement of how technology should be used, in favor of nature and not against it.
The main scope of this particular project is to deal with the different waste materials that can be up-cycled or re-used. In this case it’s all about textiles and leather. The creation of random patterns is up to the workers, who will add their “stamp”, thus increasing their creativity and involvement of the final unique product.

Specification of production methods.
Special notice should be given to the fact that the upholstery is by all means an important structural element.  All four (triangular shaped) pivoting element are rotating without the use of hinges. The upholstery is sewed in a way that allows this kind of movement.
Having upholstered both the table-top and the supporting structure, friction is eliminated and the table top can rotate smoothly.
Furthermore, it’s possible to avoid all kinds of lacquering, varnishing of the supportive structure. Saving resources, even the sustainable or ecological ones, is as important as utilize them.

Given the fact that everything is upholstered, no varnish is required.

this is a short video showcasing the transforming phases between coffee-breakfast and dinner table usability.



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