Nessie, a moster of Rock.

Golden A’ Design Award Winning Design for Street Furniture Design Category in 2013-2014.

29618-logo-mediumthis one goes to my father, who’s having his hardest hours.

made of liquid stone, this is a study for an urban bench.
my goal was to produce an object in respect to the existing infrastructure of a city environment.
so, easy on-site installation was introduced.
just drop & forget.

Carefully balanced curves are providing a comfortable seating experience.
Different population and positioning of the basic unit element,
combinations of two or three units benches can occur.




 robust concrete designeasy on site installation, just drop & forgetcan serve as a luminous landmarkNessie, a monster of rockinstallation example

it comes in two flavors: two or three units.
nessie, a monster of rock.

oh yeah.



these are some presentation pictures showcasing some basic information




and the submitted (scaled-down) images to the A ‘Design Award competition.

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