A’ Design Awards 2013-2014 winners announced

design-award-logoA’ Design Award & Competition is now over with over 12536 entries in 105 categories from 208 countries. This year there are more than 758 winners from 77 countries, in 74 different design disciplines. Given the number of competing countries (208) and winner countries (77), A’ Design Award & Competition is now officially the Worlds’ largest, most diffused international design accolade.

If you are a designer, an architect, or work in the filed of arts, you can submit your works for the next period, using the early bird period fees (27 to 30 April), with great discounts. Learn More…

A’ Design Award is the design competition that focuses on innovation, technology, design and creativity. Click here to find out what is A Design award


Below you can see my favorite picks from 2013-2014 period winners. Check out the full list of winners here.

01-The Ring House

The house – atelier has been designed for a young Saudi jewellery artist who wished to have a private living and working space expressing her soul and creations, or simply put it’s absolutely breathtaking.

02-Yoshi bar

Yoshi Bar 2nd Provisional Bar by Naoya Matsumoto, it can;t be more natural than that.

03-the wall stadium

The Wall Stadium Football Stadium by Marwan Zgheib, simple and elegant.
06-Yoyo Bench

Yoyo Bench Environmentally Friendly Bench by Red Design Consultants Rodanthi Senduka. Graffiti in three dimensional space.

05-Bamboo Micro-Housing

Bamboo Micro-Housing Transitional Residence by Dylan Baker-Rice, raw and tribal.
07-Trifold Table

Trifold Table, Stool, Trestle, Plinth by Max Hauser, serious fun multifunction object.

08-Ydin Stool

Ydin Stool by Franck Divay, this is one of my most favorites, a stool can be assembled without using special tools.
19-Ni Led Parasol by Terry Chow

Ni Led Parasol by Terry Chow, cozy and elegant outdoor element.


Smartstreets-Cyclepark™ Transformational Bike Parking by Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish Smartstreets Ltd, being a biker i really appreciate this wonderful parking device.
22-Curt Deck Chair

Curt Deck Chair Lean On Chair by Bernhard Burkard, a study on complete-incomplete.

23-Oksana Coat Hangers

Oksana Coat Hangers Coat Hanger and Coat Rack by Bernhard Burkard, the belt is the hanger. unexpected design that reveals the inner functionality of objects.

26-Ora Adult Toy

Ora Adult Toy by Leloi Ab, pleasure is loneliness best friend.

25-Leuven Beer Packaging

Leuven Beer Packaging by Wonchan Lee, carry your favorite drink everywhere with style.



24-Coil Lamp Desk Light

Coil Lamp Desk Light by Brian Richer, a simple. minimal artistic feel on your desk.

21-Serenad Chair

Serenad Chair by Seyed Ali Alavi, organic and fluid forms at it’s best.






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