Venice to the World

Please welcome the beginning of a journey that explores a contemporary interpretation of Venice to the World.

A gondola tail piece that wrapps around itself forming a globe, is, the perception of Venice to the World.

The transition is visible while walking through the roundabout, a gradual revelation of Venice to the World.

The tinted exterior finishing reflects a combination of the sunset & the sea color palette of Venice to the World.

The continuous stripe represents the trails of Marco Polo’s travel, departure and arrival to Venice to the World.

Venice to the world is all about a dynamic balance between earth and water, canals, gondolas, vibrant carnival colors, adventurous travelling and the urge to explore the world just like Marco Polo did several years ago.

All of the above co-exist in the proposal  for the main access roundabout.

A sculpture that challenges mechanical balance and features a colorful gondola tail piece that is wrapped around itself forming a spherical object that represents the world and the trail marks of Marko Polo’s Journey from and to Venice.

Thank you for watching a poetic approach to redefine the essence of what it is Venice to the World contest at / Venice to the World.

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