Tantalus Fuzz

this is my first attempt to visualize a schematic on a veroboard using diy layout creator.
the Tantalus Project v.1.1 is a nice sound fuzz from runoffgroove.com
more info on the project here

Tantalus-project (c) 2008 runoffgroove.com

get the File here

2N3053 look and (what’s more important), sound great.
works well with 2N2219 & 2N3019 (same casing) or 2N3904 and the like.
personally i have settled with 10nF & 5n6 caps for the switch selector.
replacing 47pF cap with 33nF eliminates even more hiss. ( i found it out accidentally cause i was testing the circuit with the solder gun near-by. if it’s on there is too much oscillation noise with the 47pF cap).

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