eternity is near


Golden A’ Design Award winning Design for Street Furniture Design Category, 2013-2014.

golden a design award

A two seated bench made of reinforced cast stone. Finished surface is softly acid etched treated and waterproofed.

The curves of eternity are providing a comfortable and embracing seating experience and in the same time, they take care the stability of the system. Endings are positioned in a way that neutralizes the slightest movement.

Two units, and easy on-site installation in respect to the existing infra-structure of an urban environment.

Anchorage points, no more. Just drop & forget.



eternity by iconpoetry
eternity by iconpoetry
robust concrete design
eternity by iconpoetry
two units composition
eternity by iconpoetry
easy on site installation
eternity by iconpoetry
just drop & forget
eternity by iconpoetry
oh yeah.

Made of reinforced cast stone, using specific mold made of polyester reinforced with glass fiber and metallic chassis that ensures the geometrical stability of the workpiece during the manufacturing process.

Concrete reinforcing with galvanized steel B-500s in a minimum amount of 30kg/m3. Finished surface is softly acid etched treated and waterproofed.


this is an updated video. please excuse the home made recording.

beware, eighternity is near.

oh yeah.

Visit the following pages to learn more:

Press Release
Interview for the award winner design.

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