Silver A’ Design Award Winning Design for Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Category in 2014-2015.

A Design Silver award for Epi-Happy IconpoetryPlease welcome a friendly indoor space occupant, Epi-Happy.
The empty space in the center of the centerpiece has the advantage of being used either as a stand-alone object or in addition to an already-existing centerpiece. The storage area is suitable for small fruits, ornaments, keys, usb devices or anything that suits in.
Epi-Happy is a small centerpiece for a dinner table or an office desk. The inspirational background -a translation in three dimensional space of ornamental motifs- make it a classic yet a contemporary stylish object with smooth lines and a funny playful mood. A triple repetition of a basic unit creates a continuous storage area.

The empty space in the center of the centerpiece has the advantage of being used in addition to an already-existing centerpiece, be it a vase of flowers, a candle holder or anything that fits through. Of course you can just throw a ball in it and try to roll it round and round. Epi-Happy can be a perfect anti-stress device for adults or became a game to practice dexterity for minors.

Inspired from two-dimensional repeatable decorative patterns and the hidden mathematical theorem underneath them. Decoration and ornament pattern has been evident in civilizations since the beginning of recorded history mostly as surface modulations. Despite the fact of the apparent lack of ornaments of 20th century modern architecture and applied arts, Epi-Happy is here to remind that these kind of patterns are a tremendous source of inspiration: Geometrically speaking Epi-Happy (hence the name) is the trace of the trajectory of an epicycloid in three-dimensional space. Setting up an epicycloid was no problem at all, the real challenge was to make it parametric, that is easy to change it’s overall dimensions i.e diameter, storage space dimensions and at the same time deliver a product that’s easy to manufacture, by reproducing (using slip-casting method) a single basic unit multiplied by three times.

As usual, modeled in Cinema4d and rendered with Thea for Cinema4d beta plugin.

oh yeah.



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