Black Widow

Bronze A’ Design Award Winning Design for Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category in 2014-2015.

A Design Bronze award for Black Widow IconpoetryPlease welcome Black Widow, an older project in a new outfit, submitted for the “Shape the future of Black” International competition by Dupont®.

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Black Widow is a centerpiece for domestic, or public/commercial spaces, based on the philosophy of a concept called “Nature On Top Of Technology”, is more like a statement of how technology should be used, in favor of nature and not against it and a message that nature and technology-dependent-civilizations can co-exist.
The table top element is made out of:
Wood blocks, up-cycled leftovers from waste materials, harvested from local wood furniture production industries. The blocks are assembled in place  with bone glue or with lowest emission glue. That’s  what it makes the perfect background to apply the black tones of Corian® made with the new DeepColour™ Technology, in this case,  Deep Night Sky.
The structural elements produced in this manner have exceptional bending and compressive strength.
The supporting structural elements are made out of:
Aluminum or Steel tubes, straight or bended, 12mm in diameter, powder coated in off-black or golden shades. The tubes are assembled in place with a simple “Slide and Screw” procedure that lets the user to easily assemble and/or disassemble.
rounded and drilled Wood blocks, up-cycled leftovers from waste materials, to protect flooring from dings and scratches. No gluing is required to set then in place; Gravity will do its magic.
Since assembling is left to the user, so flat packaging is possible.
Overall dimensions: WxDxH =  138x103x75cm.
Special notice should be given to the supporting structure proposal.  A circular array of Metal elements (resembling the shape of a walking stick of an old man) slide through the tabletop and due to their inclined position the table top is fastened and secured in place.
Nothing is bonded, everything stays in place.
Gravity and Friction at its finest.

oh yeah.


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