echoes of souls

two separate units (earrings) that can be combined together, forming eyeglasses.

echo is a pair of children’s (and women’s) eyeglasses that allows multi-use ans sharpens kinetic -dexterity- capabilities. it seems that i had designed a set of earrings, but when you put then together they form a pair of eyeglasses.

two separate units, each one has an earring holder (the holders are mirror-positioned, like a hand shake) that fastens with each other. attached to the holders there is a specially shaped metal part that strengthens the stability of the eyeglasses and ease the nose from the unbearable lightness of the lenses.

the utilization as earrings solves the problem of carrying them, when you don’t want to use them as eyeglasses. the lenses are made of plastic with polarized coating which becomes reflective or transparent, depending on the lighting.

if the “eyes are the mirror of our soul” as a greek old-saying states, then this pair of eyeglasses are the echoes of our soul.

there are endless possibilities of forms and colors to make up your mind and reveal your soul.

the shape of the lenses (apple-contoured) is accidental. i think i was eating one when i first thought about this project, 6 months before i graduate.

echoes of vision, echoes of souls.

oh yeah.

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