marching ants

Golden A’ Design Award Winning Design for Street Furniture Design Category in 2014-2015.

A Design Gold award for Marching Ants Iconpoetryyet another urban bench,
based on self-exploration on curved fluid concrete forms inspired by the works of

M.C. Escher on one-sided surfaces firstly discovered by A.F. Möbius, was the starting point to introduce Marching ans Relaxing Ants.

marching ants
marching ants perpsective view
marching and relaxing ants
marching and relaxing ants perspective view
marching ants
marching ants top view
marching ants side view
marching ants
marching ants front view

The concept idea behind this project was to totally change the common perception of “urban bench”, using one basic element as a starting point for more complex set-ups, in combination of two or four units. Furthermore, another basic aspect of the design process was to keep the existing infra-structures of the city untouched. So, “just drop & forget” installation method was introduced.

this was the “in-between” project in a series of designs that started with Nessie and finished (?) with Eighternity.
oh yeah

ps: for more information about M.C. Escher and his artwork, you can visit  Artsy’s M.C. Escher page.


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