Cuckoo’s Nest Project.

this is my entry for the Hack a new Tom Dixon Product.
i have to admit that i am not familiar with this kind of design.
it’s modular to it’s core, using only a few elements, complex forms are possible of just about everything. it reminds me of the four elements that consist the DNA chain, or the four forces that shaped the universe as we know it.
my design background consists of robust elements in combination of two or three elements to allow more complex forms.
well, if you think about it, deconstructing the “robust” parts of my projects, isn’t far way way from this specific modular concept, and in my opinion, that’s the essence of it.

cuckoo's nest project
cuckoo's nest nature on top
cuckoo's nest nature on top technology
cuckoo's nest detail 1
cuckoo's nest detail 2
cuckoo's nest detail 3
cuckoo's nest detail 4

a few words about the project:
it’s obviously not an object as we know it -although it could be used as a bench- it’s more like an installation, a statement.
i guess we are all living in the century where everyone will have his 15 minutes of making a statement.

a statement of how technology should be used, in favor of nature and not against it.
a statement against man’s-hood alienation. split into multiple pieces. almost schizophrenic, but who is really under this situation? the ones inside, or the ones outside of this institutionalized world?
this is how the title of the project came up.

where’s all that stuff?
well, there is a continuous artificial structure of elements with a certain cause, connected together and form a way more complex form, tied with ropes, a hand-crafted object made by natural material mainly used for bonding. this is the (critical) base; old and new construction methods both serve as foundations.
and why’s all that?
for the rebirth of nature itself.
nature is represented with straws of hay forming a nest, and the idea of rebirth with two egg shaped objects with a shiny golden finish.

eggs are carriers of life and
offering the gift of life is indeed priceless, isn’t it?

nowadays more than ever it’s most important to spread;
a message against the separate way modern hi-tech societies have taken towards nature itself.
a message that nature and technology-dependent-civilizations can co-exist.
a message that the highest technology is the lowest one.

Nature on top of technology.
oh yeah.


ps: this is the announcement of the winning design including a few words about cuckoo’s nest project

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