my library by

my library

this project is quite old, dated from 2005(*), and still looks appealing and freshly to my eyes. the idea is simple: a pivoting painted canvas in front of modular shelves.

iconpoetry echos of vision

echoes of souls

two separate units (earrings) that can be combined together, forming eyeglasses.

iconpoetry flower-power urban lighting and bench


Flower*Power is a multifunction urban element, acting as a lighting fixture and a bench as well. it also takes care of fast and convenient on-site installation. just drop & forget.

my chair

my first dive into the ocean of forms.

eternity is near

  Golden A’ Design Award winning Design for Street Furniture Design Category, 2013-2014.

furniture layout proposal

a short -non photo realistic- video using Sketch & Toon Module of Cinema4d. the building and the proposed furniture layout were modeled rendered and camera-mapped from a single photo.

hotel corridor proposal

a short video actually a walk-around, of a hotel corridor proposal, that utilizes Sketch& Toon Module of Cinema 4d. Old school rendering, no GI at all.