my library

this project is quite old, dated from 2005(*), and still looks appealing and freshly to my eyes.
the idea is simple:
a pivoting painted canvas in front of modular shelves.

my library by
a modular shelving system
my library by
with pivoting canvases
my library by
my library by
the unseen
my library by
or hiding
my library by
the obvious into a

in-line pivoting canvases serves their purpose as a “boundary”, a barrier,
a screen for things that are not meant -at certain moments of time- to be private,
or in other worlds are not meant for common sight.
pivoting the canvas can reveal an audio device, a bunch of DVDs, a TV screen, a pile of books, you name it.

(*): hence the noisy, yellowish presentation.

see the pivoting canvases in action: a short video using TheaRender.

the game of hide and seek has begun.
oh yeah.

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