Modern Takes

Iron A’ Design Award Winning Design forFurniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category in 2016-2017.

52152-logo-mediumModern Takes is a collection inspired by monumental shapes that defined beauty and form. Four pieces, Nike, the Winged Victory, Fragments, Trojan Horse and Daedalus have been designed along minimal lines to accommodate modern indoor and outdoor living. Sourcing inspiration from ancient Greek archetypal forms and concepts advanced GRP design was deployed to create furniture with sculptural sophistication made of innovative fiber-reinforced material.



  • Nike, the Winged Victory is a set of dining and side/coffee tables.
  • Fragments is a multi-functional object, coffee table and stool. It can be turned upside down and reveal two different tops.
  • Trojan Horse is a dining chair, made of clear and flowing lines.
  • Daedalus is a modular display system. Repetition of the basic module forms clusters and endless combinations can occur by simply rotating the module by 90 deg.

Modern Takes Collection is available at INOMO

The Collection embodies two major concepts; Firstly, the Sling Effect, the more you take a look back in time and cultural history, the more you advance ahead, the more contemporary a design is. Although designs occupy space, it’s the relation with time that makes them stand out. Secondly, the Rage Against Planned Obsolescence, a concept that utilizes time-resistant materials, such as fiberglass, to create timeless designs, pointing out that material and objects are not ephemeral and not meant to be substituted shortly after. Consuming for the sake of consuming, makes recycling obsolete and therefore the act of recycling is not able to serve it’s role in the chain of sustainable development.

The creative challenge was to introduce a start-up furniture collection that will best describe the spirit, the values and the aesthetic of a brand new company based in Greece that specializes in bespoke and sculptural furniture, while at the same time highlight the cultural continuity and craftsmanship connection between the present and the past. To sum it up, the creative challenge was to blend minimal design into maximal in-heritage.

oh yeah.

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