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i am a new registered user at A’ Design Award & Competition, that focuses on innovation, technology, design and creativity; short-speaking, it’s a great starting point to promote design concepts.

this post is not an advertisement, it’s more like my personal experience so far.+

registration is simple, and what’s more important, intensive care has been taken to minimize the designer’s effort regarding the submission process.
besides the automated reports about the submission status, the instructions are a no-brainer, and the guide-lines for presentation are excellent.

for each design submitted – and there are lots of design categories to submit- there is a nomination fee, and that;s just about it. unlike other similar services¬† there are no further fees for winners’ services: exhibition services, annual book and the winners’ packages are provided free of charge to award winning designers.

all you need is creativity, innovative attitude and a bit of courage to expose your self and your work to be evaluated by experienced international jury experts.
well, the latter one is not absolutely true.
i felt more that i received a colleague’s comment, rather than getting “judged” whatsoever.
A’ Design Award & Competition is there for all creative minds to provide them publicity, fame and recognition, and when it comes to realization it’s the right place to reach new markets and opportunities.
that’s just about it.
show me what you got.
oh yeah.

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