2013-2014 Golden A' Design Award Winning Projects.

Nessie, a Monster of Rock

is the latest award winning design in the Category of Street Furniture.

Eighternity Bench

is a award winning design in the Category of Street Furniture.


ICONPOETRY is a design studio that keeps walking at the edge of art and design. Moving along fantasy and reality, between dreamworld and every-day life, we are getting out the most of both worlds, proving that there are no restrictions, no borders at all.

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We are followers indeed and great listeners too. We are building rock-solid relationships with our clients based on extended and detailed feedback. Driven by our clients visions, needs and directives, we focus on tailor-made concepts and problem-solving solutions.

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Yes, you heard it right. We are practising serous fun, cause deep inside we believe that objects and concepts should envoke functionality and emotions, thus, making a good use of economy in it's true meaning. A smiling economy is by far better than any other type of ecomony.

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